C.E. Thornton,   BSCS


Hawthorne-press.com is a small company that produces open source software and offers consulting services.

We also produce, on an irregular schedule, White Papers on interesting subjects. Visitors are encouraged to read and download any information we provide. Of course, if it reproduced elsewhere, please give Hawthorne Press attribution.

We are available to create technical documentation on a variety of hardware, software, and operational subjects.

Our company specializes in Linux Computers using six primary languages: GO, Ruby, Python, Java, C, and C++.

The Document Section contains one of our major achievements. We have translated the "Ruby Hackers Guide", which was written entirely in Japanese. This document, while out of date, outlines the basic structure of the Ruby Interpreter and its primary software components.

The original Japanese version was partially machine translated and used a guide in rewriting the English content. We also created most of the graphic content.

The original document titled "Ruby Hackers Guide" was written as an HTML document. We are in the process of rewriting the document in WORD. While only partially done, the current version is also in the Download Section titled "Ruby Language Explained".

The Fun Section  contains my original Paper Airplane Design.

This Plane was featured in Fast and Furious 6 -- Watch for it in the first ten minutes..